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Grid Tied systems offer you the best Return On Investment possible! Whether you're going to consume all of your generated power onsite or you're going to sell back to the grid, we've got you covered!

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Turn Key - Grid Tied


Solar Electric Vehicle charging systems allow you to dramatically increase savings to get with your electric vehicle! Not only, do you get to charge you car for free, when you're not charging, power goes into your home and reduces your electric bill! Want some icing that cake? Solar EV Chargers outperform traditional EV chargers by allowing you to combine Solar Power and Grid Power for a Lightning Fast Charge!

Solar EV Charging

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Ready to cut the cord? An off grid system is what you want! Although the ROI is not a great as a grid tied system, off grid systems allow the largest total savings and keep you from having to worry about power outages and regulations!

Turn Key - Off Grid


Tired of noisy generators? Take your power with you and enjoy your electricity in silence! Whether you're adding a portable system to your work vehicle, or needing something you can setup on the go with a hand truck, we've got you covered!

Portable Solar


Scenic City is now the areas ONLY Certified PWRcell provider for the new Generac Solar and Storage systems.  

Chattanooga's ONLY Generac PWRcell Certified Installer


Not too fond of putting plastic and chemicals in your body? Want to know EXACTLY where your water comes from? Don't want to waste thousands of gallons of water with "RO"? Generate your own pure drinking water on site and have it delivered straight to your tap! Scenic City Solar is proud to be a distributor of Zero Mass Water products!

Source Water Systems

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If you're going to remain grid tied, you're going to need to do things the right way! We can provide you with the needed one line diagrams and permitting packet in order to get your system approved by your local utility!

Solar Design & Permitting

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As certified LG Chem and Pika Energy installers, we have the ability to allow you to keep going, even when the grid gives out! 

Battery Backup