All agricultural owners are eligible for the USDA REAP grant! This is a cash reimbursement grant for 25% of your solar system cost! Scenic City Solar has a 100% closing ratio on grant applications!


The Solar Federal Tax Credit gives a dollar or dollar credit towards monies you owe the IRS that is currently equal to 26% of your system cost.

Corporations can also claim 100% of their depreciation in the FIRST YEAR!


Generate your own power and start to get out from under the utility's thumb! Agricultural customers can expect to cut their power bill in half with a solar system! Doing so gets you the best return on investment possible for Solar! 

farm pergola.jpg
farm pergola 2.jpg

Adding a pergola to elevate your solar panels provides additional benefits to your farm. You get the advantage of keeping your solar panels off the ground and making a covered space below to protect small animals or a shelter for them during bad weather.

No matter what it is a big win for you all. Part or all of this space be transformed into a barn, chicken coop, or tool shed. The possibilities are endless, and changeable. Let our professionals help you find solutions for your solar power needs.