Residential Solar Power Chattanooga, TN

Residential Solar Power Solutions

Let us create a solar system for your home. We can help you create an energy-efficient home with solar as a main power system, with batteries and even a generator for supplemental power in the unlikely event of nasty weather and a prolonged outage.

  • Changing Power Needs
  • Things to Consider

Have you added on to your house? Have extended family in your home now? All these factors can change the amount of power you need to keep your house running smoothly. Over the years our power needs change and we need to reevaluate how much solar we need.

Have you added a “man-cave” or “media room” recently? TVs, games, and computer gaming systems can add some serious power demands that you may not have originally planned for.

A “she-shed” can do the same. Plants, grow lights, gardening, mowing, and trimmers need lots of power as well. Anytime you can offset costs, you’re saving money.

Reduce your energy costs
Place less dependence on the power grid
Earn money by selling extra power back to the grid
Solar power is more economical long-term
Protect and preserve the environment

Let us show you how much you can save by installing enough solar to meet your needs!

Already Have Solar?

We can also upgrade an old system to more efficient panels or higher-capacity batteries. This can give you the boost to save the most you can on your electric bill and be ready in case of a power outage or grid failure.

Let one of our solar experts evaluate your existing system and your power needs to give you the biggest bang for your buck. Did you know that upgrades to your system qualify for the 30% tax credit? Ask us how we can save you money on your system and electric bill today!

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