Commercial Solar Systems

Commercial Solar Power Solutions

We specialize in providing innovative design and installation solutions to address your needs, lowering the cost of energy. Our solutions are focused with the client’s benefit in mind.

​We can mount solar systems on a variety of surfaces, from traditional roof mount to pergola, garage and parking areas. Add efficiency and dependable power to your office or factory.

  • Megawatts
  • Industrial
  • Small Biz

We have designed and installed systems over 1 megawatt! These are for large housing buildings, nursing homes or industrial complexes. Large housing complexes have large HVAC demands. In addition, TVs and other electronics during the day can add to the demand on the electrical system. Installing solar panels can help reduce the demand from the electric grid and help lower bills.

An industrial facility where production is automated can also demand vast quantities of electricity. Solar can reduce the cost of operating machinery, production lines, welding, painting, and everything involved in manufacturing your products. Lower power bills mean a lower cost of production and lower cost to the end consumer.

Scenic City Solar has worked with small businesses like convenience stores to help lower their monthly electric bill by adding solar. Convenience stores have large walk-in coolers that consume large amounts of energy. During peak hours, some electric companies add surcharges and fees for consumption. These fees can make an electric bill soar. By adding solar, you can slow down that electric meter and reduce the amount of peak hour fees as well. This gives you two ways to save at once on your electric bill.

Reduce your energy costs
Mitigate your dependence on the grid
Increase your profit margin
Add physical infrastructure to your assets

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