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EV Charging With Solar

Solar Electric Vehicle charging systems allow you to dramatically increase the savings you get with your electric vehicle. Not only do you get to charge your car for free, when you’re not charging your EV, power goes into your home and reduces your electric bill.

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More than just EV charging: solar EV chargers outperform traditional EV chargers by allowing you to combine solar power and grid power for a lightning-fast charge.

Already have solar? Additional panels may be necessary to offset the cost of charging your EV. Ask our professionals how solar panels can help offset the cost of charging your Electric Vehicle!

Charge your EV faster if you're on-grid
When your car's not charging, you're saving!
Save money on both gas and electricity
Reliable and less affected by potential grid failure
Future tech at affordable prices

Scenic City Solar brings the savings straight to your wallet. Solar power and EV cars are becoming more necessary! Call our solar professionals today to become part of a greener future.

Remember EV chargers qualify for the 30% tax credit! Ask us how we can help you save money today.

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