Agricultural & Rural Solar Power

Agricultural Solar Power Solutions

We have installed numerous large scale solar arrays for agricultural businesses. These industrial-size systems are 500 kW, 1 megawatt or larger.

A large farm can use a vast amount of electricity in many ways. These include lighting and heating or cooling of livestock. Also included are electric pumps for well water, or electric feeders.

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Scenic City Solar understands that these large systems are expensive, so let our professionals help you create a system that supplements your power and can decrease your electric bills. We can show you different grants and tax incentives to get your system at a lower price.

All agricultural owners are eligible for the USDA REAP grant! This is a cash reimbursement grant for 25% of your solar system cost! Scenic City Solar has a 100% closing ratio on grant applications! Grant is money you don’t have to payback, so in essence it is a 25% off coupon! The 25% applies to solar panels, batteries, wiring, transformers, and installation! Yes, that is 25% of the total cost of the system.

The next discount is your tax break of 30%*. Applied to your owed taxes or a tax credit.

That is a 51% savings. It doesn’t get much easier than that.  Now you see why so many agricultural businesses are going green! There is also the benefit of knowing you are giving back to the environment.

Bring power to remote buildings and systems
Take advantage of agricultural grants and tax incentives
Protect your operations against power failures
Save money in the long run
Add valuable infrastructure to your list of assets

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