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Grid-tied Turnkey Solar Systems

We offer turnkey service, which means we do all the planning, prep, permits, installation, and service. You don’t have to worry about any of that.

  • What is Grid-tied?
  • Advantages

We offer installation of solar systems that are tied to the main power grid. Solar panels create electricity that can either be used immediately or stored in batteries for later use. Should the panels not be able to meet the demand, the demands are met by the main power grid. The main power grid supplements any additional needs of the customer. This is the most common type of system in our area.

If the grid goes down, you still have the power you are making and storing in your batteries. Your lights stay on even if the grid is down. Have trees overhanging power lines in the area? They could cut power if one falls even without a storm. It will not matter as your solar system will keep your power on. When this happens, the customer can use the energy created by their solar panels.

Best ROI Possible
Consume all of your generated power onsite
... or earn $$ by selling it back to the grid!
Very economical over the long term
Reliable and immune to potential grid failure

In some cases, excess electricity generated can be sold back to the grid for cash or credits to use on a later electric bill. This is called net-metering. It is not available in all areas. Check with your local electric company, or our professionals beforehand to prevent misunderstandings.

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