Why Solar?

Going green is good. What's your reason?
Solar Power

There are So Many Reasons to Go Solar

Go green, save the environment, give back to planet earth. It’s not just about saving money, it really does save our environment, for us, for our children, for our future. Reducing your dependency on the grid and lowering your carbon footprint are also great reasons to go green. What’s your reason? Is it the same as ours? No matter why you go solar, you do help with all the reasons above and more. Going green is good.

Save money
Save the environment
Reduce dependency on the grid
Lower your carbon footprint
Add value to your home

Prepper? We Can Help.

When you have solar panels, you show that you take going green seriously and that you are doing your part. You inspire others to follow your lead and encourage them to go green as well.

Solar can help us achieve our goals and dreams. Cabin with a view and electricity? Yes! Solar can do that. All the benefits of the grid, while reducing reliance on the grid. The freedom can be yours.

  • Power Where You Need It
  • Add Value

Wanting to have a mini farm with a barn or shed with power, but don’t want to run expensive power lines? We can help get you solar power for automatic feeders, water wells, hatcheries, heat, fans, and the power you need to keep the lights on for your critters.

Want to add value to your home? Did you know solar adds on average $4 per watt of solar you have? There are several studies that show solar again gives back to you. It is an added value to be able to sell your home and add the reasons you added solar are the same for the buyer.

Cost effective
Clean energy source
Inexhaustible source of energy
Sustainable & can be grid-connected
Hassle-free installation

Off grid may be the way to go. Total self-sufficient, with solar panels, and batteries to power it all.

The real question is where and how to mount your panels? Scenic City Solar has the solutions for you. Ground mount, roof mount, barn, pergola, pole, shed. If you can think of it, we have most likely done it. Let our experts help you build your dreams with a free site visit and quote.